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Schemaflor brings a unique flooring concept to india which is going to redefine the way interiors are done. A market manufacturer of 3D flooring which is made from Epoxy resin coating - the floor coating solution, we provide a number of flooring solutions to home owners that lend unique features - slip resistance, superior hygiene performance and fire resistance.

Features of Epoxy Floors

UV Resistance

Our coating is highly resistant to ultra violet radiations thus ensuring better color quality of the floors for years.


The beauty and exclusivity of 3d flooring is achieved by an image overlay of your choise or from our collection for polymer casting.


Polymer floor are considered to be one of the best coating for residential surfacees as well, because if the longevity factor they provide.

Fire Resistant

Polmers do not burn and hence, its use lends the property of a floor surface being fire resistant .

Dust Resistant

The coating of the 3D floors helps protect it against any dust, water or rust, making it strong and sturdy as well.

Tenacious Surface

Because the 3D floors have glossy look, they may seem slippery, but they are actually not. They have anti slip properties.

Low Maintenance

Since the coat is resistant to rain, water, dust or any other chemical agent, it is designed to shine. It is also easier to clean, making the maintenance cost to very low.

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Usage of Epoxy Flooring in Various Fields

Living Room

Shopping Moll



Hospital OT


Automobile Assembly Plant

Office Lounges

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